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Mission Statement

I'm Global Now strives to provide a secure and trustworthy working relationship as it relates to current and future use of information technologies by small business.

Kentucky Website designers

who is I'm Global Now, we are website designers in Kentucky.

I'm Global Now Kentucky based web design team is a group of highly skilled, self motivated, service orientated web application developers whose proven talents bring you a one-stop-shop for all your web and information technology needs. Located in Frankfort KY IGN has proven talents From graphic design to automation we not only collect the information, we make it look good too. Our experiences range from building and supporting large mainframe applications that process millions of transactions a day, to building and supporting small office applications for 5 to 10 users. The I'm Global Now team can truly say, "Been there, Done that".

Further, the IGN website design team brings a combined 70 plus years of on the job technical experience working on real world IT solutions. 12 of those years have been IT solutions for the state of Kentucky but expand as far east as North Carolina, Main and New York. We're a team that is ready, willing, and able to explore new technologies and create web solutions based on current and future business needs. We take website development well beyond the classic "Hello World" programs of the typical 21 day programmers guide, and bring real ideas together with trusted computing theories to develop software that works right the first time.

With I'm Global Now at the helm you can count on us to provide the level of service to get the job done, get it done fast, and get it done right. You can trust I'm Global Now Web Designers will never be a barrier to your success. Take advantage now and put this talented team to work for your business.

Kentucky Website Designers Business Philosophy

the golden rule

The I'm Global Now business philosophy can be summed up with one word, "TRUST". You can trust that we only use technologies with proven track records that can get the job done the most efficient way possible. Even though we are not building rockets, web application development is a science full of evolving theories and new methodologies. Our goal is to research and identify what's best for you and your business. The bottom line, we do what we say we will or we make it better.