The IGN Website Hosting Solution

The IGN website hosting solution is needed once your website has been completed and approved for deployment. Hosting is the process of making sure web surfers can view your site once it has been published on the web. This process includes bringing together all of the computer hardware and software needed to display your website, and make sure it is always available.

There are basically two types of web hosting providers. There is the hardware and system software host, and there is the website/webmaster host. The first and most important is the hardware host. This host provides the physical hardware and system software required to run a website. Along with that, they also provide a much faster connection to the World Wide Web so that many people at once can access your website. With that, they provide service level agreements that define up-time requirements, and if the site needs more space or processing power, they can accommodate this with minor changes and virtually zero down time

The second type of host is the website host or commonly referred to as "webmaster". This is where we come in. We manage the relationship between the hardware host and the website itself. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Monitoring website uptime
  • Making sure you are running current software
  • Monitoring resource utilization and needs
  • Deploying client change requests
  • Making sure search engines are finding your site
  • System tuning to make sure the system and your website is running as fast as possible
  • Maintaining current website backups in the event a site must be recovered