Service request tracking

As a small business owner, your customers are the core of your business. Without them, success is elusive. When your customers make a request, they expect you to fulfill it as best as possible. Service requests come in various forms, such as to purchase tangible items, to contract you to perform a service, or to make a complaint about your products or services. To help provide your customers with efficient service, IGN has developed a system that allows you to track their requests.

IGN will allow you to manage your website and service requests all from one interface. Be it customers or staff, bring in all requests into one common system, prioritize and categorize based on the requirement for you or your clients needs. Export the information out into a csv file for manipulating in excel.

Yes we can, and more

  •  Custom built forms to process applications online.
  •  Provide down-loadable PDFs
  •  Payment processing
  •  Payment history tracking
  •  Virtual tours
  •  Change pricing online
  •  Get alerts when your clients submit work orders online.
  •  Generate payment reports.
  •  Generate late payment reports.

Flexible Integration's

Plug the Service Request iFrame into your existing website or host your website with us, either way we can capture and track your custom form data.


Any Service Industry

IGNs Service Request Tracking system works with any industry. We can help design a custom form for your specific needs or let you use one of our pre-defined forms.


Mobile Point Of Sale

Accepting mobile payments is a breeze with IGN. Contact us today to setup a merchant account, and use our service request tracking system to process onsite credit card payments.