Web Store with built in SEO

SEO is HUGE when it comes to success online. When you use IGN's product manager to sell online, each product you place on your website is Search Engine Optimized and is it's own unique page for the search engines to find. This is very different than out of the box DIY shopping websites like Shopify or square space.

With IGN, we understand that selling online comes with its own unique set of business needs and challenges. We can help you craft personal electronic commerce solutions with our unique combination of real-time (live) information.  We use a invoicing matrix that allows you to spend more time on your custmers and less time hunting for recipts or tracking payment history. This means that you'll know more about your website business which gives you the ability to focus on selling your products online.  There is nothing better than having a salesman working for you 24 hours a day.

Other E-Commerce websites can cost tens of thousands of dollars after all is said and done. This is not so with IGN because we have a solid back end infrastructure that gives us the ability to conquering the expense of implementing new technology. So the question is, is it possible to maximize your return on investment even with a low cost website? The answer is Yes, and IGN can help.

You are in control.

Run your website store anywhere, anytime.  With an IGN Retail Web Application you can view up-to-the-minute business activity from your home or on vacation. With access to the internet and a web browser you can manage your website retail business virtually-wherever you are.  You can check payment history, view invoices, and even add or remove products all on your very own secure website.  Maybe while you are on vacation, you are in such a good mood you would like to run a special.  Go ahead, update your website store in a matter of seconds.

This is just the beginning of what IGN can do for you.  We will custom build your website to do what you need it to do, look how you want it to look and help you rid the headache of managing your products online.